Deevaz - more than just comfort.

Deevaz - more than just comfort.  

Hi Lovelies, 

As this is our First Blog, we would like to introduce Our brand Deevaz. As Each and everyone has a personal story to share so have we, where we have described our brand story in it's most beautiful form. Deevaz - more than just comfort.  

Our Story

Deevaz was born on a bright summer of 2019. It was both dreamlike and unbelievable when the name hit a chord with us and we said this is it! Our Brand name "Deevaz" challenges one's inner self to be who they are and to be known for what they are being there own independent self. A name that inspired us from our experiences and made us to create something that makes you feel beautiful in your own unique way. !!!

Our Mission 

We believe in offering every Woman the Self-assurance, Coziness and Choice She Deserves, while buying lingerie. Deevaz empowers women to find self-love, strength and sensuality by providing fashionable affordable lingerie without compromising on fit or quality through a proximity approach. We as a brand make sure every women finds the perfect piece, chooses the perfect size and keeps looking and feeling fabulous each and every day. 

Our Vision 

Deevaz believes everyone should feel beautiful, sexy & confident; no matter that shape, size or beliefs, everyone deserves refined, high-quality, affordable lingerie. we'll always remain inclusive to our brand creating products for everybody & every age. 

Our Values 

  • Women empowerment:  Deevaz is made for women, by women. Lingerie should help women celebrate their body, their sexuality, their true self, no matter where life takes them, and should be an expression of self-love. We’ll continue to do good by using developments that puts Women first.

  • Inclusivity : Deevaz welcomes people of all backgrounds, ages, financial statuses, sexual orientation and sexual identity, without preconceived ideas, prejudice or judgement. 

  • Proximity: Deevaz believes and takes pride in a one-on-one, hands-on approach. There is always a passionate lingerie expert ready to guide the customer, whether it is on the phone, by email, or on social media. 


We continue to Innovate and always make women look forward to our designs. We positively impact Women empowering the entire cycle from creation to delivery. We stay true by giving you the finest quality and service. 


Thank you, 

By Deevaz


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  • Each product must have size details n material or cloth material details . Like waist , hip , inseam, total length, thighs n all

  • I purchased 4 Spacer bras from Deevaz. This is my second purchase, the fitting, quality and comfort is excelled. I have already recommended my friends to try Deevaz bras..👍😊

    Rajni Jayaswal

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